Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling is the transfer & deployment of the plans to the shop floor. Arkhon considers the operation needs like production, change & setup durations and compares the sequence with sales order due dates. Such a simultaneous work provides the user alternatives and optimum results.

Key Benefits

  • Consider production parameters in deep detail
  • Ability to simulate the alternative schedules
  • Optimize the results with considering lower change duration and higher order fill rates

Key Features

  • Setup & Change Matrix
  • Visual Follow Up
  • Scenario Planning & What-If Analyzes
  • Schedule Optimization Algorithms

Functional Highlights

Production Scheduling's importance comes from its existence; it's the bridge between the long-term theoric plans and the work order list in the shop floor. The scheduler should consider the operational environment with hundreds of products, production durations, change and setup durations between the orders, shop floor realities like regular cleaning, maintenance activities etc. Sales teams usually wait for the due date confirmations and do not wish to tolerate production postponements. Also, the production teams require maximum utilization and do not want to spend much time for the changes.

Arkhon supports the professionals to prepare a realistic schedule considering all of the aspects above. The complex change and setup matrices can be simplified and be entered to the system. Parameter updates about products and work centers are easy to make and followable. When the sales orders are entered to the database, Arkhon generates work orders from them and prepares the pre-schedule with a real time-line and fill-rate results.

To improve the fill-rates and reduce the time spent for changes/setups, Arkhon provides an environment, in which user can prepare alternatives and observe the results immediately. Or, with entrance of some additional information like inventory holding and back-order costs, plus cost of setups, Arkhon can optimize the sequence. The result would have significantly low total cost and better order fill-rate.

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