Why Arkhon?

Arkhon contains modules that enable the user to manage material, production, demand planning and production scheduling processes in a fast, reliable, and systematic manner. Its outstanding values compared to alternatives are ease of setup and use, and that it is coded by using the latest technologies and perhaps the most importantly, by the mathematicians who know well the dynamics of the industry.

What the team dislikes

To Lose Time

  • To start over due to the long planning process and unexpected situations

To Firefight

  • To deal with the crises called firefighting, most of the time

Continuously Changing Plans

  • Frequent change in production plans, due to incoming demands

Time Pressure

  • To maintain complicated calculations under pressure


  • Crises caused by deviations from the supplier or production

To Stop Production

  • To find out the lack of material or the order in a short notice.

Continuously Changing Plans

  • Frequent change in production plans, due to incoming demands

To Waste

  • Overtime work, inefficient capacity utilization

Uncertain Payment Schedule

  • Not to know when and how much to pay to the suppliers

Unclear Revenue Plan

  • Uncertain payment dates and amounts expected from the customers

High Inventory

  • Difficulty in managing cash flow due to high inventory compared to sales

Scraps, Obsoletes

  • Scraps arising all of a sudden, obsolete materials due to no usage

Uncertain Cash Flow

  • To manage cash flow deviations due to sales, payments and the related high inventory against the budget

Unbudgeted, Unplanned Investment Needs

  • To manage the situations where the capacity need is not foreseen, trying to solve them very recently

Big Supply Crises

  • To manage unpredictably the effects of global, regional or local supply crises on the system

What Arkhon Provides?

Fast plan preparation
Bottleneck elimination
Crisis anticipation
Plans by considering complex production and supply environment
Safety stock determination
Efficiency in stock and logistics
Payment & Revenue plans
Supportive reports(excess stock, capacity util. etc...)

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