Production Planning

Production & Capacity Planning is one of the most complex part of a supply chain operation. Arkhon's algorithms utilize the production performance to become flexible enough to meet customer expectations, and take into account each product's own characteristics.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize the production performance
  • Manage capacity constraints
  • Provides supportive reports about capacity utilization & bottlenecks

Key Features

  • Several Capacity Utilization Algorithms
  • Considering Supply Constraints
  • Bottleneck Identification
  • Scenario Planning & What-If Analyzes
  • Financial & Resource Needs Reporting

Functional Highlights

Production & Capacity Planning process should consider a matrix of products and work centers. These work centers could be machines, labor teams etc. Each product has specific resource requirements, demand pattern and inventory policy. On top, one product may require resource from several work centers and have some material supply constraints. Think about a environment; consisting of thousands of products, hundreds of machines and many supply constraints... Also some agressive demand and tight stock policies.

Arkhon can handle all of them. When you push the button "Run Plan", Arkhon proposes production amounts to each products with considering sales order and/or demand forecast due dates. Then, it calculates the capacity needs and compare with reality. Finally, it corrects the proposals to fit the capacity and provides a production plan.

This production plan shows each products demand and supply figures for a given horizon. User can easily identify critical periods, bottlenecks and additional resource needs. With alternating the resources, it can be runned several times within a very limited period. So, the supply chain professional can check and analyze the production environment, deeply.

Arkhon also provides reports about the inventory financials, warehouse loads, overstock products, machine capacity utilization details and sales order delivery dates. So, it will be easy to predict short and long term revenue, inventory cost, investment needs and slow runners.

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